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Residences - Solid Timbers

Residence, Chicago, IL

Hand-carved oak timbers and decking.

Residence, Lake Forest, IL

Solid timber great room trusses (oak timbers / decking).

Residence, Oak Brook, IL

We felled trees in the yard of this Oak Brook, IL residence, processed the lumber in our shop and installed this roof system (oak timbers / decking).

Residence, Winnetka, IL

Oak timbers and decking.

Residence, Winnetka, IL

Garage was timbers and decking & kitchen was hand-carved timbers and decking.

Churches - Solid Timbers

Restaurants - Solid Timbers

Other - Solid Timbers

Edgewood Valley Country Club, LaGrange, IL

Solid timbers and decking Port Cochere

Golf Club House in Wilmette, IL

Solid timber decking

The Goodman's Owen Theatre - We are proud to have fabricated & installed heavy timber balcony systems for Chicago's cultural landmark, The Goodman Theatre (solid timber and decking).

Midlothian Country Club, Midlothian, IL

Ronald McDonald House Dining Room, Oak Lawn, IL

Solid timber and decking